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War for talents

Executive Search


For over 3 decades we have enabled the development of the Technology Industry across Europe, recruiting thousands of key leaders, thanks to a solid and proven methodology.

Overtime we have enhanced and enriched such methodology, using the most advanced techniques and software tools to enable our consultants the research team to:

  • Reduce the turnaround time to produce the short-list
  • Increase throughput and bandwith
  • Ensure predictability and quality of the results
  • Enable process monitoring and fast reporting
  • Allow Clients to access real-time to the search and provide feed-back thus accelerating the process
  • Enable Candidates to access their profiles, apply for open positions and verify privacy compliance

Competency Model


In a market where the War for Talents - due to an unprecendented shortage - is hampering the ability of the companies to embrace the Digital Transformation, speed of execution, agility, subject matter knowledge, and use of the most advanced AI based tools are essential to guarantee the Identification, Assessment and Selection of Digital Leaders.

We are conscious of the impact that these Executives can have on the course of the company they will be joining, but we are also aware that often, our call can change the course of their life, hence we pursue each and every mission with committment passion, dedication and the highest level of care, diligence, professionalism and ethichs in full compliance to AESC Code of Professional Practice and current European GDPR standards as stated in our privacy policy.