Senior Partner

Dominique is not just a headhunter. He has spent 18 of his more than 30 years in the workforce in management positions with multinational IT and Telecommunications companies like IBM, Sperry Univac, Digital Equipment, Memorex Telex, and E.G.T., France Telecom's communications equipment subsidiary. This type of varied operational experience has given him a broad understanding of marketing, sales, and management. Knowledge that he brings to point every day finding the right candidates for his clientele.

When interviewing a potential executive, Dominique asks himself four questions: 1) Are they skilled? 2) Do they have the smarts to be successful in the position? 3) Will they fit into the current corporate culture? And 4) Does he trust them?


Areas of Expertise:

Hardware peripherals and components ● Computer Software ● Networking ● Systems Integrators and Consultants ● Telecom ● On-line services ● Multimedia ● Technology end users


Core Competencies

He can see what is shown and what is hidden, as well as hear what is said and not said.



Chemical Engineer at National Chemical School of Marseille