FastTrack Talent Acquisition

FastTrack Talent Acquisition 4

FastTrack Talent Acquisition

Hightech Partners offers the FastTrack Talent Acquisition Programme to support organisations that are growing by keeping a constant “long range” view of potential candidates who are suitably qualified. This means:

  • Existing employees can be assessed for mapping into new roles required by new year business plans, growth and new market entry
  • Before specific job roles are finalised, talent can be identified as possible matches for the new roles
  • Timescales to hire are dramatically shortened
  • Clients have a “talent pool” of top performers from which to select their chosen new hires from

FastTrack Talent Acquisition Programme

“Our objective is to free time up for hiring managers to let them run their business and only meet qualified candidates”


HTP FastTrack accelerates an organisation’s ability to execute new business plans by not just finding the right new talent quicker than other approaches but also addresses the capabilities of existing employees to move into new roles to support the new business plan.

FastTrack is an 8 step process starting with the development of idea personal profiles, assessing the existing employees to search, selection and rapid on-boarding of new employees. A state of the art web 2.0 system enables hiring managers to have full access to the hiring process online anytime.

By closely examining new year Business Planning objectives, and using our deep experience in the High Tech Sector we can accelerate the process of resourcing the plan with the right candidates. Risk of a slow start to a new year is, by this approach, reduced and a higher degree of success assured.

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