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Retained Search Services

Our Retained Search Services are intended for Client Companies that need to staff senior level jobs, which require specific background and experience, proven track record, address book and leadership talent.

Most talented executives are typically employed and treated well and very rarely put themselves on the market.Therefore motivating them to take on a new challenge that fits their career development requires a proactive and sensitive approach by experienced independent Consultants.This is what retained search services aim to do.

The three most common causes of failed recruitment efforts are poor communications, lack of systematic process, and unsatisfactory contract negotiations.A professional Retained Search project using best practices is instrumental in ensuring that communications are of high quality and that processes are orderly.

Our Retained Search projects always involve detailed reference checking which offers substantial guarantees. They give significant support in the salary and contract negotiations.They ensure that the recruitment process is exhaustive, systematic, fairly managed and open to inspection.This is especially relevant nowadays when diligence and good governance are a corporate priority.


Executive Search

Despite a networked society the search for leaders remains one of the biggest challenges of the third millenium

Service Delivery

Our Retained Search Services are offered through a single point of contact to our Client companies. All interviews and assessments are performed by Partner level consultants. Upon being given the mandate to perform such a Search, we perform the following steps to ensure a satisfactory conclusion. We prepare a Position Description that will serve to enter into discussions with target candidates

  • We start the identification of - and the discussions with - potential candidates while requiring confidentiality
  • As soon as we have lined up a short list of qualified and interested candidates, start the evaluation process, consisting of face-to-face interviews and assessments
  • We will particularly explore the candidates' backgrounds and current employment status
  • The results of these evaluations are presented in the form of a confidential report on each candidate whom we select for presentation. A short list is prepared to include a concise summary on all candidates
  • Based on these reports, we will, in conference with executives nominated by the Client, review the short list in order to select the two or three promising profiles, and these candidates are invited for interviews with the Client's representatives; if required they can be asked to make a short presentation on a particular theme (to be decided) to interviewing executives
  • Optional psychometric analysis is performed on the final candidate(s) and their Personality, Management Competence and likely Behaviour is profiled using established tools
  • is reported confidentially to our Client
  • We support both our Client and the chosen candidate during the contract negotiations
  • The Client's decision is communicated to the other candidates 
  • We work to resolve and agree the recruitment of the successful candidate

Applicable Fees

For Retained Searches our policy is to charge a fee equivalent to 33% of the first full year's total compensation for the assigned position.

The total compensation package is understood to include Salary, plus estimated bonus, gross equivalent of benefits and any sign-on or other bonuses.

The fee will be charged in three equal installments: the first at the start of the project, the second at the introduction of the short list of our recommended candidates, the third when the successful candidate has been recruited.

Optional psychometric assessments are charged for on a per person basis as the relevant analytical reports are presented.

We offer attractive discounts for national and international aggregation of Search services and are able to quote fixed fees on demand.


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