M&A Opportunity Search Services

In today’s turbulent market conditions companies are striving to identify more appropriate development strategies, and often these encompass divestiture or acquisition of divisions, subsidiaries and lines of business. To implement such strategies they need support in identifying proper target interlocutors as buyers or sellers.

Hightech Partners - ITP has a well developed perspective of the European High Tech industry, with a broad network of strong relationships with  the relevant players at top level.

While performing our Consulting Services over the last 25 years across European territories, we have gained a thorough knowledge of market dynamics.

We are also aware of the divestiture and acquisition plans of many of the  players.

Thus Hightech Partners - ITP is well equipped to provide assistance to clients in identifying potential targets in line with their investment/divestment strategy. Furthermore, some of our Partners have developed a relevant experience in this area, working for major Merchant Banks. 

M&A Opportunity Search Services

to identify proper target interlocutors as buyers or sellers


We can assist our Clients not only in finding relevant buying/selling opportunities, but also in arranging confidential meetings with key decision makers, in negotiating letters of intent, in facilitating due diligences and in negotiating offers.

We mostly qualify for M&A deals of medium size, since the very large deals are usually taken care of by Merchant Banks.

Our fees for such services are a combination of finder’s and success fees, tailored to the needs of each individual Client situation.

Further details are available on demand and in the strictest confidence.

For more information on our current capabilities and to discuss your own requirements register with our Leaders' Circle or contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at our Headquarters +32 2 663 1600

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