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Our client is a leading solution provider of Card Management and Payment Systems Software and counts about 650 people and has been built via organic growth. The company is particularly strong in Russia, Eastern Europe, Far-East, Middle East and Africa.

Position overview

In order to support the business development activity in Europe it has decided to appoint a Sales Director Northern Europe with the task to tap into near term opportunities in northern and continental Europe.

The position reports to the VP Europe responsible for the business in the region. He/She will be recruited on a full-time basis as employee or contractor.

In cooperation with the resto the company international team the executive covering this role will have to:

  • Generate new leads;
  • Search, identify and qualify business opportunities, directly or through partners;
  • build new long - term relationships with strategic accounts;
  • Deliver sales and budget targets


The activity will be business to business. Target customers will be financial institutions such as banks, brokers, custodians and central depositories, card issuers and acquirers, processors and companies in the other industries interested in payment systems.

To perform his activity the person in charge will be supported by product experts (presales) and delivery team.


Primary Responsibilities and Objectives:

  • Drive business development to achieve annual sales and budget targets as well as long-term objectives.
  • Establish a process to constantly search, identify and qualify business opportunities in a structured way.
  • Effectively use sales tools and marketing campaigns to drive new opportunities.
  • Control pre-RFP, RFP and complex Bid execution processes in a way it is the most beneficial for the company.
  • Implement effective framework to manage contract risks. Establish the ground rules for profitable and sustainable contracts.
  • Build long term relationships with strategic accounts on CxO level, rising the company’s visibility and standing. Get executive buy-in on matters that significantly impact contracts execution success and profitability.
  • Manage customer relationship, plan and execute actions to increase credibility with the customer, spot out new business opportunities for up-sell. Together with Finance team ensure in-time invoicing and collections.
  • Build a team; act as a team leader and a role-model to others. Help to increase talent and performance at Group level. Build the moral and enthusiasm to win the deals.
  • Implement process automation to control sales pipeline, RFP and BIDs execution, customer relationship, global and local KPIs.
  • Influence company’s senior management in product, technologies, tactics and strategy innovations. Champion cross organizational cooperation in achieving the global goals.

In addition will have to:

  • Have an entrepreneurial attitude, self-started he is autonomous and is not afraid to be lonely.
  • Show charisma and leadership both with prospect and clients, where, thanks to his personal credibility and address book, he can augment the company reach, while, at the same time, be well accepted by the existing organization.
  • Managing the Business Creation in any given Client, planning and executing actions aimed at increasing visibility and credibility with the end-user, and in doing so, spot out relevant business opportunities aimed at closing relevant deals that will contribute to grow Volumes and Margin.
  • Manage Business Execution, tracking the progress of the pipeline of sales opportunities and ensuring that all appropriate actions are taken to execute effectively the sale process, by closing the contract in a timely manner, maximizing revenue and margin of each single transaction.
  • To achieve the above, he will ensure the Development of the relationship with key decision makers and influencers, applying the relevant Customer Relationship Management approach and tools, improving both the build-up of new relationships with key individuals within Client’s Management as well as retention of the existing ones.
  • Promptly report to his direct superior any issues, as well as achievements, seeking guidance and support, as well as committing to the success of the company results. 



The successful candidate will have a background and track record in selling to the Banks, Financial Institutions, Mobile Operators and in general relevant users of Payment Systems with a strong knowledge of the market of Software Solutions and Services. He is a thought leader, with a strong sales orientation and natural ability to socialize quickly building relationships, with an Executive approach and in particular will have to:

  • be responsible for the contracts and their terms as well as for development, release and management of Solution Offerings available to the Clients;
  • he has experience in facilitating large and complex Sales projects through all functions of the Group, thus maximising responsiveness to customers, competitiveness and likelihood of success;
  • show leadership in coordinating engagement teams


Candidate Profile

The successful candidate preferably based in London’s area, has a background and strong track record in the Banking/Payment Systems industry and is able to quickly build relationships, with an Executive approach.
His profile will encompass:

  • Entrepreneurial approach. :is determination and professionalism will reflect in the quality of the relationship with the clients portraying a positive image of the company;
  • Experience of at least 10 years in Sales organizations with specific experience Business Development roles, mainly on Large Accounts;
  • Is fully aware of the P&L management requirements; previous track record in successfully managing Target Key Accounts and Project Management will be useful. The ideal candidate is used to work in complex multinational environment with matrix organization within the client.
  • Customer oriented, with a proper focus on satisfaction and service, is able to understand end-users requirements and is able to position properly his portfolio of services and solutions toward the competition. At this extent he is acquainted with top class market leading solutions and services, and able to address the activity of the bidding and delivery team in their tasks, in order to ensure not only the orders acquisition, but also fulfilment of the customer requirements.
  • Preferably holds a University degree, and is not only literate, bur well acquainted with the use of IT tools required to prepare documents, present elaborate and plan, communicate over Internet and Intranet, any time anywhere. He/She has good presentation skills.
  • A mind set and style pre-emptive of likely events, attentive and responsive to market conditions and the attitude to react speedily to maximize business returns in both the short and medium term.
  • Finally the chosen person should be able to fit within company's' culture and management style and, in doing so, willing to commit, showing passion and dedication not only short term but also in the long run.


The offer will be in line with the high range of the market.


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