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The Cybersecurity BU of our client is embedded within the group and reports directly to a member of the Executive Committee. Is one of the fastest growing unit within a group, with a track record 15/20% revenue increase over the past few years.

To continue to keep this pace and respond the growing market demand, it has been decided to appoint a BU Director with specific experience and subject matter expertise, beside strong leadership and general management skills to run a ca 200 people team split in 2 sub-units – Consulting and Managed Services - generating today total revenue exceeding € 20M.

Position overview

This position aims at managing the definition of Service Level Agreements (SLAs), Operational Level Agreements (OLAs) contracts and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in the field of Cyber Defense.

It encompasses the negotiation, definition and monitoring of the contracts with the various stakeholders, business domains, customers and constituency of the Contracting counterparts, in alignment with the agreed operational and cyber defense strategy. This role has overall accountability over the staff that monitors, report and fulfil the SLAs and to take mitigation action in case of non-fulfilment of agreements. This function also responsible for the P&L and the development of the BU.


This position reports to the CEO Solution & Cybersecurity, Member of Group Executive Committee .


Primary Responsibilities and Objectives:

  • Based on the market strategy, product and methodologies, as well as deep personal knowledge of the markets, define the best Go-To-Market model for the company.
  • Drive business development both through the direct sales organization as well as leveraging group’s cross practice sales organization to achieve annual sales and budget targets as well as long-term objectives.
  • Establish a process to constantly search, identify and qualify business opportunities in a structured way.
  • Effectively use sales tools and marketing campaigns to drive new opportunities.
  • Ensure that the organization has capability to properly address pre-RFP, RFP and complex Bid execution processes in a way it is the most beneficial for the company.
  • Implement effective framework to manage contract risks. Establish the ground rules for profitable and sustainable contracts.
  • Build long term relationships with strategic accounts on CxO level, rising the company’s visibility and standing. Get executive buy-in on matters that significantly impact contracts execution success and profitability.
  • Manage cybersecurity customer relationship, plan and execute actions to increase credibility with the customer, spot out new business opportunities for up-sell. Supervise the Finance function to ensure in-time invoicing and collections.
  • Build a team; act as a team leader and a role-model to others. Help to increase talent and performance of the group.
  • Build the moral and enthusiasm to win and deliver the deals. Implement process automation to control sales pipeline, RFP and BIDs execution, customer relationship, global and local KPIs.
  • Influence executive management in product, technologies, tactics and strategy innovations within the cybersecurity domain. Champion cross organizational cooperation in achieving the global goals.

In addition will have to:

  • Have a results oriented attitude, self-started he is autonomous and determined.
  • Supervise the Business Creation both for the Consulting and Managed Services sub units, supervising the activities of the dedicated specialist sales team planning and executing actions aimed at increasing visibility and credibility with the clients, and in doing so, address relevant business opportunities aimed at closing relevant deals that will contribute to grow Volumes and Margin.
  • Supervise Business Execution, tracking the progress of the delivery and ensuring that all appropriate actions are taken to execute effectively the contracts, by ensuring delivery in a timely manner, maximizing revenue and margin of each single transaction.
  • To achieve the above, he will ensure the Development of the relationship with key decision makers and influencers, improving both the build-up of new relationships with key individuals within Client’s Management as well as retention of the existing ones.
  • Promptly report to his direct superior any issues, as well as achievements, seeking guidance and support, as well as committing to the success of the company results.



The successful candidate will have a background and track record in winning major Cybersecurity contract – both in the areas of Consulting and Managed Services - with relevant Prospects and Clients with a strong knowledge of the market of ICT Solutions and Services. He is a thought leader, with a strong business attitude and natural ability to socialize quickly building relationships, with an Executive approach and in particular will have to:

  • design, agree and implement the Go-to-Market model that optimizes business results for the team that he/she will manage;
  • be responsible for the contracts and their terms as well as for development, release and management of Solution Offerings available to the Clients;
  • used to work in matrix organizations, he has experience in facilitating large and complex Sales projects through all functions of the Group, thus maximising responsiveness to customers, competitiveness and likelihood of success;
  • have demonstrated people management ability, (both direct reports and engagement teams) being in charge not only of day by day coordination of the activity, but also - with the support of the HR function within the unit - the development of Leadership within the BU identifying future sales and delivery executives, their development, education and promotion as well as motivating the team and individuals.


Candidate Profile
The ideal Candidate profile will encompass:

  • Show charisma and leadership both with prospect and clients, where, thanks to his personal credibility and address book, he can augment the company reach, while, at the same time, be well accepted by the existing organization.
  • Seniority in terms of experience (the ideal candidate should have 10/15 years of positive business track record)
  • Determination and professionalism to build the morale and momentum of the team, so as to inject enthusiasm and energy into Unit activity, as well as reflecting in the relationship with the clients the winning image of the company.
  • Fully aware of the P&L management requirements. Holds a University degree.
  • Is not only literate, but well acquainted with the use of IT tools required to prepare documents.
  • Has good presentation skills and he’s/she is fluent in English, besides the local mother tongue to interact with client’s as well as with the =nternational colleagues of the Global Account team. Knowledge of German and any other European language will be a plus.
  • Customer oriented, with a proper focus on customer satisfaction and service, is able to understand end-users requirements and is able to position properly his/her portfolio of services and solutions towards the competition.


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