Chief Technology Officer

Chief Technology Officer

Location : France / Spain

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Location : France / SPAIN


The Company

Our client is a leading provider of cloud business management solutions for finance (ERP, cash management, tax), payroll & talent management, CPAs and retail professionals. With a proven track record in cloud management solutions,

It provides long term commitment to customers and helps digitalize companies, from small to large businesses, from private to public sector.

The company combines a proactive and pragmatic approach of business with expertise in new technologies and a unique understanding of regulations. In a rapidly changing world,

They makes more possible and helps customers unleash their potential thanks to innovative and purposeful business solutions.

Currently, our client has 3,600 employees and markets its solutions in 130 countries. generating annual revenues of about half billion. 


The position reports to the CEO. To this position report:

  • VP R&D
  • Head of Cloud Operations
  • Chief Architect
  • Head of Product Delivery Excellence.

Mission & Responsibilities

The Chief Technology Officer is responsible and accountable for the delivery of Cegid’s product strategy. The position is responsible for organizing teams and processes in order to:

  • deliver on time the expected products at the highest standards of quality, reliability, performance and security
  • secure the Saas Operations 24X7
  • in a consistent and up to date technological architecture

The company is delivering cloud products. Agile methods are already implemented in Cegid but needs now to go to the next level and adopt the DevOps approach in order to deliver seamlessly products improvements to the customers.

Current portfolio encompasses ca. 30 products and the company has focused the core investments on 10 of them: new technology adoption, enhancement and sometimes disruption of the value proposition.

The Chief Technology Officer will have to manage resource allocation consistently to our investment priorities.

R&D teams are gathering ca. 800 people spread in a dozen of sites mainly in France, but also in Spain, Argentina, Canada, Mauritius, and the US.

Key activities

  • Supervise and organize the whole Product Development and SaaS Operations teams
  • Gather the conditions to secure the delivery to market of products and updates;
  • Take as a personal commitment the quality, reliability, performance and security of the products delivered;
  • Lead successfully the DevOps transformation;
  • Adapt permanently resources competencies to product investment priorities, secure the scalability of the team through outsourcing partnerships;
  • Develop the technology leadership team in order to have creative, reliable and committed managers that will make the “dream team” every competitor would envy us;
  • Working closely with Product Management and Business Units teams to ensure we are delivering the best solutions to our markets.



Capability and/or Experience


“Must Have” Attributes

At least 15 years of technology experience (developer, lead developer, architect, development manager, head of product development) in IT projects (ISV, SI, Telecom, big IT projects in large enterprises) with material team building and development experience.

Clearly and convincingly explains how he/she is managing product delivery.

Clearly explains how he/she has managed his relationship with Product Management teams on the basis of a product with a success story.

Provides examples of “best failures” that have provided him/her fruitful lessons on Product Development.

Proven success in transforming the capability of a product team, transitioning from heritage capabilities (waterfall approach) to a fully agile approach to manage the delivery of cloud solutions.

Convincingly explains how he/she has empowered a product development team and how they have succeeded together in transforming the ways of working with product management teams.  Can speak about personnel choices, and shows ability to make difficult choices and changes.

Shows a deep knowledge of agile and DEVOPS methods and provides an informed, considered perspective on implementation.  

Experience in dynamic allocation of R&D internal and offshored/outsourced resources

Provide examples of how he/she has managed allocation of resources across projects/products. Shows examples of managing outsourcing contracts with near- or offshoring partners.

Speaking and writing skills, capable of simplifying the complexities and varieties of development practices in a consistent vision of product delivery.

Provides examples of messaging developed to communicate complex product benefits.  Ideally, has given thought to Cegid’s product portfolio and can communicate compelling value propositions reflecting customer needs.

Speaks in a manner that will make the recruiter feels that he understands what a collaborative solution for the market is.

Fluent English speaker.


University education.

Graduate level in Science


Interaction with other functions

Chief Product Officer, Chief Operations Officer, Business Unit leaders.


  • A challenging, innovating environment where personal development and growth are encouraged
  • An attractive and competitive salary (fix compensation plus a variable bonus) with fringe

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