We have been drawing the attention to the shortage of Digital Skills in Europe since a couple of years - the COVID-19 pandemic has just accelerated and amplified the problem.

"As the COVID-19 response accelerates the speed and scale of digital transformation, a lack of digital skills could jeopardize companies with misaligned talent plans." (Gartner) 

On November 27 in Brussels we will announce our Innovative Model aimed at filling in a structured way such a Talent Gap creating an Unfair Advantage for both digital professionals and their employers.

Joining forces of executive search, education and digital competences research foundation, has enabled the development of dedicated online tool that has been developed over the past 2 years and that we will announce on that day.

Digital professionals shall assess and influence their skills mix, direct their competences building and grow their career to targeted ambition.  Leading organisations shall plan and provision the skills and competences of key employees, recruits and consultants to suit their exact needs.

Bringing a new paradigm to the education, certification, recruitment and career evolution processes is the goal of this innovation.

Join us to discover the tools and methods supporting this new paradigm.

The event is hosted by Hightech Partners and Ataya & Partners.

C-level Executives representing AESC - the International Association of Executive Search firms - CIONET, Solvay Brussels School, The Belgian Federation of Digital Industries, Brussels Enterprises Commerce and Industry will be on the speakers’ panel for this event.

Join us on November 27th at 15:30 CET.

More information to follow.



November 27th



On Zoom

Our solution

First, the digital skills assessment (or DSA) will assess your employee’s digital competences to have a better knowledge of the competences you have within your organization. Measure, how big is your digital gap and from where you should fill it.
Second, based on the results, we will define a training path for your employees to make sure all competences of job profile selected are covered and targeted. Training providers offer time limited certificate bundles that are too wide and too shallow to offer sufficient expertise and knowledge.
Third, if the reskilling is not possible and you lack Digital profiles, we will help you to find new experts from executives to professionals based on our competence’s assessment as well as management and soft skills evaluation. Based on this approach we are sure to define the potential of each candidate instead of passive knowledge.

Meet our speakers

Clare Mahon

MD Europe and Africa at AESC

Ian Seward

SFIA general manager

Luc Hendrikx


Marc Lambotte

CEO at Agoria

Carole Lamarque

CEO at Duval Union IM

Who we are

HTP is one of the most renown talent search agencies worldwide. HTP differentiates itself from the competition thanks to its 30 of experience and specific subject matter knowledge in digitalization and technology, applied to executive and staffing search.
Ataya & Partners is a consulting company that offers assessments, targeted education and certification to advisory and staffing services in the areas of Digital Transformation, Data Protection and Information Security.
Wedoo is a recruitment company co-founded by Higthech Partners. Weedoo-Connect will focus on specific niches of digital talent and introducing a new approach to the candidate-employer relationship.
Both decision makers and technical experts believe that their common sense can resolve most challenges. However, what brought them where they are now, is currently not sufficient to keep them there.
Existing companies that don’t prioritize digital transformation risk lagging behind and becoming obsolete, even to the point of potentially losing their competitive advantage. Digital transformation is essential for them.